solano saules
Solano is Fashion Eyewear. Solano is Performance Eyewear. Solano is passion for fashion. Started over 20 years ago. Solano has since spread to over 40 countries. Leading European sporting eyewear to new heights. Enchanted by style, championed by function. Now you can choose from big various asortiment from SOLANO sunglasses.


Polar Vision

Polar Vision Flatter your face and fit your lifestyle while you improve your vision with the right glasses or contact lenses. If you are an avid sports enthusiast or work outside most of the time, we have tough, attractive frames and sunglasses for you. For your safety on the job or during home projects, you can also find a selection of certified safety frames at Polar Vision Centres. Most importantly, any prescription lenses you receive from Polar Vision Centres come from leading manufacturers in the industry.