GFC Polariscope with Adjustable Inclination of the Unit


Code: 2397 22 • Comfortable use because of adjustable
inclination of the unit
• Suitable for spectacles with high lens curves
• Extra large distance between the test fi elds
• With lighting inside the metal housing

Size of polarising fi elds: A) 58 x 58 mm
B) 75 x 75 mm
Distance between
polarising fi lters: 95 mm
Voltage: 230 V
Size (w x h x d): 135 x 165 x 150 mm
Weight: 700 g

GFC UV Test Lamp


Code.: 2399 00
To demonstrate photochromatic lenses to customers.
    Size (w x h x d): 220 x 125 x 120 mm
    Voltage: 230 V
    Fuse: 0.5 A
    Weight: 1.75 kg