Nylon Eyewire Shaper


Code: 1506 00N
One plastic jaw (19 mm), one plastic jaw (7 mm). Perfect to adjust bridges.

Inclination Pliers – conical 6 mm


Code: 1558 10N
To adjust metal hinges, for delicate frames, one side with extremely
thin fl at nylon jaw, conical jaw: Ø 6:1,5 mm..

Inclination Pliers – conical 8 mm


Code: 1558 00N
To adjust metal hinges, one side with nylon jaw, conical jaw: Ø 6:1,5 mm.

Flat Nose Pliers 5 mm


Code: 1523 00N
5 mm width at tip.

Nose Pad Removing Pliers


Code: 1502 00N
For removal of “push-in-type nose pads”.

Nylon Eyewire Shaper 19 mm


Code: 1509 00N
With plastic jaws, small version.

Temple Adjusting Pliers


Code: 1541 00N
One fl at plastic jaw with three different grooves and one round plastic jaw with three different curves. Ideal to adjust all types of temples. The even distortion and constant pressure applied to the workpiece ensure a method of working which takes special care of the material.

Temple Adjusting Pliers


Code: 1530 00N
With two special plastic jaws, one convex and one concave, both jaws have crossgrooves vertical to the curves.

Nose Pad Adjusting Pliers – Screw-in Nose Pads


Code: 1546 00N
For screw-in nose pads. Improved, a more delicate version to avoid touch ing the lens during fi tting.

Nose Pad Adjusting Pliers – Push-in Nose Pads


Code: 1549 00N
Especially for fi tting push-in nose pads. Very delicate version to avoid touching the lens during fitting.

Nylon Eyewire Shaper 24 mm


Code: 1507 00N
With plastic jaws, large version.

Parallel Holding Pliers 8 mm


Code: 1551 00N
With two plastic jaws. Self-opening by spring mechanism.

Holding Pliers 10 mm


Code: 1553 00N
With plastic jaws, jaw mouth remains in parallel position up to approx. 3 mm.

Holding Pliers 6 mm


Code: 1565 00N
With plastic jaws, mouth remains in parallel position at a gap of approx. 3 mm.