Huvitz Non Contact Tonometer HNT-7000



-Full Auto Tracking
Only a button needs to be pressed to align, focus and puff the both, left and right eyes.
-5.7’’ Touch LCD/User Friendly Interface
High-resolution touch LCD screen with 0 to 90 degree tilting function provides you easy and effective operation for any condition given.
-Smart Puffing Control
Soft puffing maximizes patient comfort. The puffing is automatically regulated after the measurement if needed.
-Corneal Thickness Compensation
For more precise tonometry, corneal thickness values of patient can be inserted to get compensated and accurate data.


-Type: Non Contact type
-Measurable range: 0 to 60mmHg
-Measuring increment: 1mmHg
-Working distance: 11mm from the front of nozzle
-Alignment mode: Full Auto (R/L Shift, Alignment, Focusing, Puffing)
Semi Auto (Alignment, Focusing, Puffing)
-Interface: RS232C
-Power Consumption: System Available
-Display: 5.7-inch Color TFT LCD (0~90°Tiltable)
-Printer: Thermal line printer
-Power supply: AC100-240V, 50 / 60Hz
-Dimension: 44mm (W) x 29mm (H) x 63mm (D)
-Power Consumption: 80VA
-Operating range: Front / Back : 40mm Left / Right : 90mm Up / Down : 30mm
-Dimensions: 294(W) x 510(D) x 462(H)mm
-Weight: 20.5kg (45.2 lbs.)